This page is for short explanations to clarify some of the site's more tricky features. The Engaging Dragons team has spent a lot of time making the site as user-friendly as possible to the non-technical teacher, but we understand that what may be intuitive for some may not be as intuitive for others. We hope this page can be a useful tool in your Engaging Dragons experience.

I've forgotten my password, and the password recovery isn't working right!

The first step to getting the password recovery to respond may seem obvious, but it accounts for the majority of the issues: make sure that you're entering the right email. Not only does your entry need to be clear of typoes, it also needs to be the email that you used to register with us. Next, after you're sure you've typed in the right information, check your spam or junk folder for an email from Oftentimes, automated messages are filtered out by email clients and filed away in the trash. That means you may have been getting our recovery emails all along, but they weren't being sent to your inbox! Once you've carefully copied the link from your email into your address bar to reset your password, just be sure that both of your entries on that page are the same and you'll be redirected back to the login page with new credentials.

I can't move my students between groups.

Remember that the Move Selected Students button moves all selected students into the same group. Also, if the page is only displaying groups with no students underneath, then it's possible that no students have signed up for that class yet. It's also possible that the class you're looking at may have been set to not have groups when the class was registered. Make sure your students are signing up for your classes on the mobile app, and make sure that you pay attention to classes you register. Whether or not the class is set up with groups makes a difference!

What's the deal with the .csv upload function? It doesn't work for me!

The first thing to do if you're experiencing trouble with the .csv uploads on the input points page is to make sure that the file you're trying to upload is saved as a .csv, as other spreadsheet extensions such as .xslx and plain text files will not be accepted. The next thing to be sure of is that the entries in the .csv are set up so that the first column is a list of the student or group names exactly as they appear on the site (order doesn't matter). Then, enter your data so that the second column is a list of their points, with the appropriate point total for a group being in the cell directly to the right of the cell containing that group's name. This is the best way to ensure your data will be entered correctly. Also keep in mind that the points won't update if there's invalid data. A group or student name that doesn't match any of the names registered to your class or a point value that's not entered as a numeral will be rejected, so keep that in mind when trying to upload a .csv file.

How do I get back to the home page?

Once you've logged in with valid credentials, your class list becomes your home page. If you're interested in returning back to the login screen, simply click Log Out on the nav bar on the top right of every screen.