• What is Engaging Dragons?

    Engaging Dragons is a classroom supplement and tool focused on providing students with an entertaining and engaging way to monitor how much they've been participating in class. Teachers can use this website to set up their online classroom, a web profile that will store and manage their class and group information as well as discussion points. The scores a teacher enters will determine what "level" a student group has reached, altering the appearance and capabilities of the students' dragons. Students use a mobile app also called Engaging Dragons to access the dragon world, where they can view their dragon as well as the dragons of their classmates. The more a student speaks up and offers insight in class, the more points the teacher puts into the back end, and the more the student's dragons will grow! If that doesn't get you talking in class, then you're an incorrigible stick in the mud.

    Use of this website and the Engaging Dragons app is completely free and accessible to anyone, though use of the Canvas Learning Management System is optional.

  • How did the idea for Engaing Dragons get started?

    Class participation has always been important to Dr. Reet Cronk, IT professor and department head of Information Systems for Harding University. Students that participate actively in their classes have historically performed much better than their more passive contemporaries, and teachers have noticed. The challenge is, however, trying to take that next step in getting students engaged in their coursework. When Dr. Cronk noticed that her students weren't speaking up in class, she implemented a web application where students could log in and check on small trees that would grow the more a student participated in class discussion. Next, she decided to expand the idea, animating dragons and using them to motivate students instead of just trees. Springboarding off of that idea, we've gone and automated the process by enlisting the help of Canvas, which is Harding's LMS of choice, as well as a PHP and MySQL back end that uses Javascript to dynamically update pages as teachers make changes. Of course, teachers and students don't need to be hooked up to Canvas to enjoy the Engaging Dragons experience. Just make an online classroom and have your students download the app, then you'll be ready to go!

  • Who is this service for?

    This website and app, although created for use with classes on Canvas, can be accessed and used by anyone interested in incorporating classroom participation, grading, and dragons. Students and teachers alike are encouraged to browse the site for themselves and try our system out. We've put a lot of work into this website, and we hope that Engaging Dragons fits your needs!